A large Egyptian Glazed Steatite Scarab, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, 1939-1760 BC

Finely carved from steatite then fired with a fine green glaze the scarab with beautifully carved head, eyes, clypeus plate, pro-thorax, wing cases, with double incised line border; the legs at the sides are all anatomical articulated with fine attention to detail two drill holes shown at the top and bottom of the scarab. A motif on the base of the scarab showing a standing figure of Bes with his feathered crown, carved in typical pygmy form; incised head, arms, legs, tail, ears and body flanked on either side by two worshipping monkeys and two sun disks above.  Later mounted as a pendant with intricate gold braiding surrounding the outside of the pendant hoop closure. 

Condition:   Intact and in excellent condition overall.   Mounted in the early 20th century as a pendant.

Dimensions:  Length: 1 1/8 inch (2.85 cm)

Provenance:  K. Hammond, SC private collection, acquired from the art trade in the 1970's.


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