* A Rare Egyptian Feldspar Wedjet Eye Amulet, 12th Dynasty, ca. 1991 - 1797 BCE


$750 USD

Eye of Horus (wedjat-eye) amulet.  Feldspar was one of the six stones considered most precious by the Egyptians and was frequently listed with lapis lazuli and turquoise.  Being green, it was symbolic of new life just like turquoise and was the prescribed material for papyrus amulets in accordance with Chapters 159 and 160 of the Book of the Dead.

Dimensions: Length: 1.4 cm (0.55 inches)

Condition: Intact and in excellent condition overall. Pierced for attachment, a superb example!

Provenance: Private NYC collection, ex. CT collection, ex. John N. Winnie, Jr. collection, Georgia, 1980’s - 1990's.