An Egyptian Feldspar Amulet of a Falcon, 26th Dynasty, 664 - 525 BC

Of fine green feldspar, the falcon amulet has a loop at the rear to enable it to be strung on a cord or thread. It belongs to a well-known category of figurines that conferred the protection of the major falcon-deities, such as Horus and Sokar. During the Late Period the falcon amulet was normally located on the chest, and examples are known in green feldspar, such as this fine example, amethyst, lapis lazuli and glazed composition.

Published: Lacovara, Peter 'The realm of Osiris: Mummies, coffins, and Ancient Egyptian funerary art in the Michael C. Carlos Museum', Emory University (2001).

Dimensions:Height: Maximum: 1" (2.5 cm)

Condition:Hole at top of head for crown attachment, now missing. Intact, excellent condition.

Provenance:Private NY Collection, acquired from the London art market in the early 1980's and on loan to the Michael C Carlos Museum, Emory University from 1998 - 2015, loan number: L1998.062.048


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