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An Egyptian Royal Steatite Pendant Seal for Amenemhat III (Ny-maat-Re), Middle Kingdom, Dynasty XII, circa 1859-1813 BC

The royal seal engraved with three columns of hieroglyphs, reading: "(1) The Lord of the Two Lands, Nimaatre, given life forever, (2) ... [Amen]emhat, given life forever, (3) beloved of Sobek the great, residing in Shedyt."

The two cartouches carved on the seal contain the prenomen ( Nimaatre,  Belonging to the Justice of Reand nomen of Amenemhat III. Shedyt was the ancient Egyptian name for  Greek Crocodilopolis, the modern Medinet el-Fayum; a city in the Fayum sacred to Sobek, the crocodile god.  The epithet to the name of the king ' beloved of Sobek the great, residing in Shedyt' stresses the links between the king and this god. Amenemhat III undertook many building projects in the Fayum so the mention of the Fayum town of Shedyt suggests that the seal comes from this site.

cf: Percy Newberry, Ancient Egyptian Scarabs. An Introduction to Egyptian Seals and Signet Rings (London, 1905), p. 47, fig. 22; p.112 and pl. VI, no.12 ; and William Flinders Petrie,  Scarabs and Cylinders with Names. Illustrated by the Egyptian Collection in University College, London (Warminster,1978 ed.), pl. XIV, no. 28]

Published:   Kaplony, P. "Die Rollsiegel des Alten Reiches II," Monumenta Aegyptiaca 3A&B , Brussels (1981) p. 539, no. 42, pl. 147.  A copy of the relevant pages of this publication can be provided upon request and will be included with the Certificate of Authenticity.  

Deutsch, Rabbi Shaul Shimon " The Living Torah Museum, Parashah Series"  Israel 2012, p. 46

Exhibited:  The Living Torah museum, Brooklyn NY from 2006.

Condition:  Incomplete with loss to the one end, so the nomen cartouche of  Amenemhat is partial; surface crazing but the cartouches and text crisp and clear. Large, well carved and rare.

Dimensions:  Height: 5.5 cm  (2 1/8 inches)

Provenance:  Originally forming part of the R.H Blanchard collection, Cairo, Egypt early 20th century, thereafter private collection of G. Michailidis (reference #569) with old collection number: "4389 LO" on the lower ring surface; thereafter, anonymous sale; Sotheby's, London, 26 July 1976, to the private collection of Dr. Ulrich Mueller, Zurich Switzerland, published in 1981, acquired by The Living Torah museum, Brooklyn in 2006.    

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