A rare Egyptian Scaraboid seal for Queen Ankhesenamun, wife of Tutankhamun, 18th Dynasty, ca.1348-1322 BC

blue glazed composition double sided seal, one side incised with the queen's name Ankhesenamun, a double uraeus on the reverse, pierced vertically for attachment.

Ankhesenpaaten later known as Ankhesenamun, was the third of six known daughters of the Pharaoh Akhenaten by his wife Nefertiti.  She was the sister and Great Royal Wife to Tutankhamun, the couple marrying when he was eight years old and she twelve, and most probably, residing at Amarna together.  Upon the death of Tutankhamun, she is seen on tombs but not as Ays wife. After making an interesting plea for a husband to the Hittite king, Suppiluliuma I, she disappears.  

Condition:  Good mineral deposits to both sides, the seal is intact and in very condition overall, with old collection number (2537?) on one side.

Dimensions:   Length:  17mm (11/16 inch)

Provenance:   Phillip Mitry private collection, acquired prior to 1970, and then by descent, thereafter in a private collection of Steven Bono, Chicago IL, acquired on the US art market in 2001.




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