Coins of Olympia (Elis), AR Stater, ca. 408 BCE


$12,000 USD

A rare example.

Obv: Eagle right, standing on hare; wings closed, three rows of feathers;
tail folded and bent down; beak tearing throat, claws grasping belly, of
hare upside-down r., with broken neck and head bent back; legs outstretched.  

Rev. F|A Thunderbolt; wings below curling slightly outwards, nearly
straight, one row of feathers emerging from cuticle; volutes above curling outwards; over each wing and under each volute a tendril curving outwards; one molding round handle;  two flame lines on either side of central dart above. Around wreath, olive twigs fastened below, six pairs of leaves on 1., six on right branch. Shallow circular incuse,

a. Athens: 12,02 g (185,5 grains).
b (PI. V, [BO]vp.)- London: 11,38 g (175,7 grains); B. M. C. Pelop. 28. — Countermark on obverse.
c. Paris: 11,95 g (184,4 grains),
d. Sir H. Weber, London: 11,95 g (184,4 grains).
e. Cat. Hirsch XXXII (1912), PI. XIX, 502: 12,00 g (185,2 grains).

Bibliography:  Seltman, Charles Theodore, 1886-1957. The Temple Coins of Olympia: Reprinted From "Nomisma" VIII.IX.XI. Cambridge: Bowes & Bowes, 1921. #142

Dimensions: Weight: 11.78 grams

Condition: Very fine

Provenance: The James Corones private collection of ancient Greek coins, Maryland, acquired B & H Kreindler, NY