A Chinese Sancai-Glazed Attendant, Ming Dynasty, ca 1368-1644 CE


$950 USD

shown standing on an integrated hexagonal base, wearing long-sleeved court dress of ochre and green, his right arm raised to his chest, the left by his side.

Background: Known as one of the most influential ruling dynasties of China; for 276 years the Ming Dynasty focused on not only government and social stability but most importantly their religious practices. Described as "one of the greatest eras in human history", the Ming Dynasty was the last dynasty in China ruled by the Han Chinese. Many of the religious practices in China were seasonal, and by the Ming dynasty were at least once a month: theses rituals took on prescribed forms with carefully determined and properly performed dance, movement and sacrifices. Attendants such as this, were placed on tombs of aristocrats to provide comfort and gifts for the afterlife.

Condition:  The surface with some minor glaze flaking, small nicks and wear as expected that does not detract; otherwise intact and in very good condition overall. 

Dimensions: Height:  16 inches (40.5 cm)

Provenance:  Private PA collection, acquired from The Menagerie, Philadelphia, about 2000.

Category: Ceramic, Sculpture, Under $1000

Type: Asian