A large Yangshao terracotta Decorated Jar, Neolithic Period, ca. 3rd millennium BCE


$2,500 USD

This attractive earthenware vase dates to the Majiayao phase of China's Yangshao Culture. It is of typical form, with large bulbous body, flaring neck and strap handles. The piece is decorated throughout with attractive linear and crosshatch patterns in black on a cream slip.  The loop-handles point down, giving the pot an anthropomorphic look.

The Yangshao culture was a Neolithic (late stone age) culture that flourished along China's Yellow river from the 6th Millennium BC. Yangshao artists reached their peak in the Majiayao period and produced some spectacular forms of pottery at a remarkably early period in human history. This pottery is entirely handmade as these people had no knowledge of the wheel.

Dimensions: Height: 16 1/2 inches (41.91 cm), Width: 13.5 inches (34.3 cm)

Condition: Very good. Small area of the lip restored, body restored from two large fragments.

Provenance: This piece is from a large number of mostly Chinese antiques, purchased from a shop clearance in the south of England. These items were all exhibited at London department store Fortnum & Mason, approximately 15 years ago.

Category: $1000 - $5000, Ceramic, Vessels

Type: Asian