A Veracruz Standing Ceremonial Female Figure, Remojadas, Early Classic, ca. 250-450 CE


$7,500 USD


I love this piece!  Notify me if anything similar becomes available.

Of buff-colored clay, depicting a standing female figure with arms outstretched, her hands facing the sky as if in greeting, the well-defined face with almond-shaped eyes, triangular nose, and round open mouth, clothed in a short poncho decorated with waist tassels, a long, tight-fitting skirt with her feet emerging beneath the hem, with a rope or belt tied around her waist.  She wears an elaborate headdress with large tubular ornamentation secured with chin and nose straps, large ear spools, a thick cord necklace, and tasseled armbands. As was common for Veracruz sculptures, black bitumen highlights her eyes, eyebrows, and teeth. A large firing hole at the back.

Such hollow sculptures were common throughout Veracruz, produced at various centers during the era, a practice continued from an earlier Olmec tradition.

Dimensions: Height: 20 1/4 inches (51.4 cm)

Condition:  Fingers of the left hand, areas of headdress, and pectoral fringe restored, in very good condition overall.

Provenance: Collection of Mauricio and Emilia Lasansky, Iowa City, IA, then by descent. Old collection sticker on back reading 2039. Custom mounted.

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