An Egyptian Terracotta Statuette of Bes in Apis Headdress, Roman Period, ca. 30 BCE/CE


$1,500 USD

A fragmentary terracotta figure of Bes, in front view depicted as a dwarf with grimacing human face, protruding tongue and wide eyes, round, lionine ears and animal hair or mane. He is wearing a crown, consisting of a cavetto cornice and five feathers or plumes, the ribs and veining of which are indicated. Bes is brandishing a sword in his raised right hand to ward off any danger.

Condition: Fragmentary as shown from the waist down, a break professionally rejoined, otherwise in good condition overall with good remaining white slip.  Presented in a frame.

Dimensions: Height: 7 inches (17.8 cm)

Provenance: Dr. Ulrich Muller, Zurich, acquired between 1968-1978, thereafter the Harer Family Trust Collection, acquired from Sands of Time Ancient Art in 2006.

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