A gold Theodosius II solidus (ca. 408 - 450 CE) set as a pendant


$1,500 USD

Set in a gold pendant with cabochon ruby above, the obverse depicting a helmeted, diademed and cuirassed facing bust of Theodosius II, his head turned slightly to right, holding a spear over his right shoulder and with a shield, ornamented with a horseman spearing a fallen foe, over his left. D N THEODO to the left and SIVS PF AVG to the right. The reverse depicting Constantinopolis seated facing on throne, her head to right, wearing a helmet, holding a spear with her right hand, Victory on a globus in her left, and with her right foot on a prow, a star in the field to the left, CONCORDI to the left of her, A AVGG H to the right, CONOB beneath.

Theodosius II (10 April 401 – 28 July 450), commonly surnamed Theodosius the Younger, or Theodosius the Calligrapher, was the Eastern Roman Emperor for most of his life, taking the throne as an infant in 402 and ruling as the Eastern Empire’s sole emperor after the death of his father Arcadius in 408, until 450. He is mostly known for promulgating the Theodosian law code, and for the construction of the Theodosian Walls of Constantinople. He also presided over the outbreak of two great Christological controversies, Nestorianism and Eutychianism.

Dimensions: Diameter:  1 inch (2.5 cm), Weight: 6.9 g

Condition: Excellent condition, looped at the top for suspension.

Provenance: Ex. private collection of S.H., Washington state

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